World Ameer speaks at Houses of Parliament in London

World Ameer of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Association for the propagation of Islam, President of its UK branch and Dr Zahid Aziz spoke at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

Hazrat Ameer spoke on the long history of peaceful propagation of Islam by the Lahore-Ahmadiyya to the West, which started when its founder invited Queen Victoria to embrace Islam and continues to this day. He also stressed that Islam abhors violence particularly in propagation of Islam.

Dr Zahid Aziz used the Holy Quran and hadith to show that there is no punishment of apostasy in Islam, Jihad does not mean violent attacks on innocent people but a peaceful struggle for the advancement of religion of Islam and that Islam does not allow men to beat their wives.

Shahid Aziz made clear that although an Islamic organisation the Lahore-Ahmadiyya is different and distinct from all others and believe that

  • the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last prophet and after him, no prophet shall come, whether an old one or a new one;
  • all those who say they are Muslims, should be regarded as such because it is for Allah to decide who is right and who is wrong;
  • women have equal rights to men;
  • science and Islam are not contradictory;
  • there is nothing un-Islamic in technology, he pointed to use of astronomical calculation to find the beginning and end of Ramadan and the earlt adoption by the Lahore-Ahmadiyya of live streaming which they use for streaming sermons, lectures and prayers over the internet.

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