Women are subservient to Men

In a Sunday morning TV programme in the UK, The Big Question, the presenter translated 4:34 of the Holy Quran as “Men are in-charge of women” whereas the correct translation is “Men are maintainers of women”.

We have checked a number of translations of the Holy Quran by Muslims and by non Muslims, and they all translate this verse as ‘Men are maintainers/providers/sustainers of women’. This includes translations of the Holy Quran by such critics as Rodwell and Sale.

It seems odd to ignore the translation by the majority and use the single translation which can be used to criticise islam, this is why Muslims accuse the Western media of being anti-Islam.

Our video discusses whether this verse means women are subservient to men and must obey them at all times.  It looks at the condition of women at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his companions and shows that Islam does not make women subservient to men.


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