Woman sues Twitter for allowing ISIS activity on the website

From engadget:

It’s pretty well-known that ISIS and its supporters have been using social media to encourage acts of violence, and Twitter seems to be one of their preferred platforms. Now, a woman whose husband was killed when a gunman attacked a police training center in Jordan is suing the microblogging website for allowing ISIS (and sympathizer) accounts to thrive on the website.

The women herself says;

…for years, Twitter has knowingly permitted the terrorist group ISIS to use its social network as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits. This material support has been instrumental to the rise of ISIS and has enabled it to carry out numerous terrorist attacks.

Giant social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have, more or less, ignored groups like ISIS who successfully use their platforms to recruit vulnerable people to their violent causes.

The metric used to asses the value of sites like Twitter are the number of registered users it has, and it is vital for Twitter to keep growing its user base every year. Perhaps this is why it has been so slow to take any action in removing the estimated 70,000 accounts dedicated to ISIS on its platform.

Lets hope that this legal action forces these social media companies to take this matter seriously and for these accounts to be quickly monitored and removed as they appear.