Woman banned from football grounds for ripping up the Holy Quran

The Independent is reporting that;

A woman who ripped up the pages of a Koran at Birmingham’s St Andrew’s stadium has been banned from every football ground in England and Wales for three years.

Middlesbrough fan Julie Phillips, 51, claims she did not know it was the holy book of Islam and was merely trying to make confetti with her friend.

However, a judge at Teesside Magistrates’ Court said she had “underplayed” her role in the incident when passing the order.

A trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court in May had found Phillips and another woman guilty of causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress, fining them both.

Cleveland Police, who subsequently appealed for the widespread stadium ban, said this was just one of a number of incidents involving Phillips.

Football authorities (in the UK at least) work very hard to try and stamp out any forms of racism at grounds from fans and indeed from the players also and its important to note that this action would also have been taken had this women ripped pages from the Bible or the Torah. This is not a case of special treatment because it was the Holy Quran, this is a case of intended racially aggravated behaviour with the intent to cause distress and harm, being spotted and dealt with.

She was only fined in the original court case, but this step, at the behest of the Police, is a punishment she will really feel as a passionate football fan. Will it change her mentality or behaviour? Maybe not but at least it sends a strong message to all football fans across the UK that these sorts of actions can be monitored at grounds and that you will be punished for them.

One thought on “Woman banned from football grounds for ripping up the Holy Quran

  1. This woman should be free to rip up any book she likes, anywhere she likes. It’s called freedom.

    Unless you’re going to mete out the same punishment for ripping up a copy of Huckleberry Finn, she should not be banned.

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