Who wants to be a Muslim?

Those who embrace Islam tend to do so after years of contact with Muslims. Some, mostly women who make up around two-thirds of new believers in Britain, convert because they want to marry a Muslim. Others are fed up with what they see as the bawdiness of British society. Many speak of seeking a sense of community. Prisons have proven fertile ground for conversions for men. Some worry that those who convert in jail are exposed to more radical strains of Islam; others say that Islam’s discipline and structure, along with the support they received from other Muslims, helped them to cope with life inside.

Who wants to be a Muslim?

The Economist, a well respected weekly magazine published from London, looks at the possible rate of conversion to Islam. It also discusses the different reasons why people may embrace Islam as a way of life. What is telling is its comment that most converts are abandoned by their families while at the same time not being accepted by the Muslims because their mosques resemble ethnic clubs rather than the international places of worship.

Original Source: The Economist

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