Which one of the two Ahmadi groups follows the true path

Maulana Azad was a famous scholar and contemporary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He published many books on Islam and wrote an Urdu translation and commentary of the Holy Quran. He was also a prominent political leader and a member of the Congress Party in India. After independence he was, for a short time, President of India.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was once drawn by a correspondent of the daily Zamindar [16 June, 1936] of Lahore into the controversy as to the nature of the claims of the Founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement and the rights of the Ahmadiyya communities to claim a position within Islam. Both these matters were set at rest by the Maulana in the very first passage of his first letter to the said correspondent thus:

“You enquire which one of the two Ahmadi groups follows the true path, the Qadian group or the Lahore one.

You can read the rest of the letter and the full article at the link below.

Musalman Times

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