We Have a Saudi Arabia Problem, Not an Islam Problem

The political blogger Kevin Drum makes a very good point in this article.

The closer a country is to the warped influence of Saudi Arabia, the more violent and illiberal it is. Go west to Tunisia and Morocco and Islam becomes more moderate. Go north to Turkey and it becomes more moderate. Go east to India and Indonesia and it becomes more moderate.

Obviously this is hardly a perfect correlation. If you want to find exceptions, you can. But generally speaking, Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of Islam’s problems, a country that stands for virtually everything that the liberal West condemns.

And whilst Saudi Arabia is able to push its version of Islam around the World by using the influence of its vast wealth (accumulated thanks to the West) then things will never change.

Islam is in serious trouble. The twisted doctrines of the likes of Saudi Arabia are now being viewed as the norm, as actual Islamic belief and is being used, by the likes of Bill Maher, in an attempt to destroy the Islamic faith.

Islam seeks to attract the hearts and minds of people towards the truth, by means of reasoning, good moral example, and the natural beauty of its principles. It neither aspires to gain political power, nor allows the use of force in support of the faith. And this message brought forth by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the one which will save Islam.

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