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[Video] West moves to Islam as Muslims move away


The British government has announced that cheap alcohol will no long be available in England. Scotland has already taken such steps. This shows that the West is moving to Islam.

Yet with their wrong interpretation of Islam on such topics as punishment of apostasy, jihad, rights of women and
minorities Muslims are moving away from the real teachings of Islam.

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  • Jacob
    Posted on

    Jacob Jacob


    I had to read your comment three or four times as it is written in some sort of youth ghetto style language which is difficult to understand. It suggests a lot about your intelligence and education.

    Why are the Lahori-Ahmadis’ hypocrites?

    They are the only ones who believe in the finality of Prophethood whilst the Sunnis’ etc believe that Jesus will come back, if that is so then how is your Prophet Muhammad the final prophet?

    Anyway as usual people like you just make some random comment without backing it up and then vanish, or come back and throw insults around…..

  • imed
    Posted on

    imed imed


    hypocrites u all ahmadi specially lahory ones u r hypocrytes mirzaiiii u even cant read holu Quran correctly, and u say we r true muslim fear god u r inb Hell fire

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