[Video] Superiority of The Holy Quran

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad compares the Holy Quran with other scriptures and shows that it is superior to other scriptures.


3 thoughts on “[Video] Superiority of The Holy Quran

  1. Why is our belief blind faith? The Holy Quran is the only book which was dictated by the founder of the religion personally and it was repeated to him many times to ensure that it is accurate. It is the only religious book which was compiled together immediately upon the passing on of the founder of the religion. It is the only book which when it makes a claim provides arguments in support of the claim. If these thing are not true then tell us which book was written down in front of the founder. Were any of the books of Old Testament written in front of the relevant prophet and repeated to him to make sure that it is accurate? Was it the New Testament? Were the Vedas? So why is it blind belief to say what is an acknowledges fact? Does the New Testament even advance the claim that Jesus was the son of God and savior of mankind?

    A historian always says that a primary source such as the Holy Quran is superior historical data compared to secondary sources such as the New Testaments. So how is this being supremacist?

  2. Did you actually watch the video or simply make your comment based on the title of the post?

    It seems to me that you could hardly call it blind if they are giving specific reasons and have laid these out in a book for all to view and study (and refute).

    As a Christian I am happy to debate these things but Stephanie (having looked back at your previous posts) you just seem content on posting one-liner hate comments.

    As has been previously mentioned when people have responded to your comments you have not come back to address those comments, so it seems to me that you simply have an agenda against Islam not based on facts but on what you wish or perceive it to be.

    You also seem to find it extremely difficult to separate what a Muslim does and what Islam says. Just because a Muslim does something (right or wrong) and says its in the name of Islam, that DOES NOT mean that Islam or the their holy book says that is the teaching of the religion…..

    As an example if a school teacher decided to teach that one plus one equalled eight, would you simply say well he says he is a teacher therefore it must be true or would you check the facts for yourself to see what the answer is?

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