[Video] Scientific verses of The Holy Quran

Dr Mir Faizal Mir shows in this talk that the Holy Quran not only supports the creation and evolution of the universe as explained by science such as the String Theory and Quantum Gravity but that some of its verses can be interpreted to find out what will happen when this universe no longer exists.

4 Comments [Video] Scientific verses of The Holy Quran

  1. shahid Azizzz

    If a teacher says to you if you don’t revise you will fail and you don’t take his advice and sit the examination without revision and fail then whose fault is it? The teachers or yours especially if the teacher says I knew you were going to fail.

    It’s the same. God knows everything. He gives us guidance but He has given us a brain and He says choose for yourself. I know what you are going to choose but whatever it is I wont stop you.

  2. Adnan

    “i am lifting the book…..God is lifting the book”. So what actually happens when someone rapes a girl??

  3. Steve

    Did he?

    I didn’t hear the words ‘I am God’ at any point in any of the three videos.

    At 2.53 he is saying that God is responsible and the reason for everything…thats how I understood what he was saying anyways.

  4. Adnan

    this dude just called himself GOD around 2:53. MESSED UP! i knw nw i will hear all sorts of explanations telling me it was a metaphor!

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