[Video] Muslims, Jews and Christians

The Holy Quran says says: “O you who believe, take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends of each other.” (5:51)

Our detractors say this shows that the Holy Quran commands us to discriminate against them. Even if we look at recent events they show the truth of this verse. The US army had admitted that parts of its manual are insulting to Muslims and Islam and such text will be removed. Are there any anti-Jewish passages in the US army manual? A survey in France has shown that Muslims are the most discriminated against and disadvantaged section of society. This is how Islam and Muslims are treated in two countries which pride themselves on being secular and separating religion and the state. We wonder what the state of Muslims sections is in those European countries which are officially Christian or Israel where Judaism is the state religion.

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  1. We are sorry we missed the above question. The answer is simple and we will illustrate it with an example.

    Two students are sitting a Mathematics examination. Both get to the correct answer. However, one uses the correct method to get the right answer. The other uses a method which is not entirely correct. Now both will get the marks for getting the answer right but only the one who used the correct method would get marks for the method.

    In other words we are rewarded for belief and deeds. So the right belief gets rewarded and the wrong one gets punished. In the same way, the right deed gets rewarded and the wrong one punished.

  2. can i ask, you said anyone can go to heaven wehter a jew hindu or christian. SO please explain what is the benefit of being a Muslim?

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