[Video] Jesus is Dead

The Holy Quran tells us that the Holy Prophet Jesus did not die on the cross and that the Christians and Jews who argue that he was, are merely guessing at what happened.

The reason Hazrat Mirza sahib layed such stress on the death of Jesus was that if it can be proven, especially from the New Testament, that Jesus is dead then whole edifice of the Christian religion, which is build upon the accursed death of the son of God to expatiate for mankind’s sins, collapses.

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  1. Sorry I missed your comment.

    You’ve missed the main points.

    First, Muslims have done many things wrong and we do not condone them.

    Second, it is only recently that Christians have started to accept some responsibility for the past. But then do Christians accept responsibility for the creation of Israel and the injustice which was done on purely religious grounds. have Jews accepted the responsibility for what they have done in Palestine?

    Third, the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa until recently and the Roman Catholics in South America when today treat people like animals on the grounds of their colour, race or religion.

    Fourth, we would be the last ones to play the Sunni game. We propagate Islam and not sunnism!

  2. Shahid,
    Thank you for your reply, I accept the fact that out of all the Islamic faiths only the Ahmadi-Muslims subscribe to the truly peaceful way of life. Which is why they persecuted more than anybody else by their so called cohorts.

    As for the Spanish Inquisition, not only was it over nearly 200 years ago, but in over 300 years of existence it murdered around 2000 people. More people than that are murdered for the same crimes (Apostasy, witchcraft etc) in Pakistan alone in 1 year. Why more Ahmadi muslims have been murdered in Pakistan in the last 20 years than the inquisition executed in 300 years.

    Please don’t play the judge thy past game with me as I am from a Sunni Islamic blood line and not a Christian and they have more blood on their hands than anybody else. However the Christians to their credit have learned from the past, accept full responsibility for their actions and have moved on.

    Meanwhile the Islamic world still opines about the Crusades. you now that Christian reaction to the invasion of the Christian holyland by Islamic invaders from Arabia.

    But thank you for replying.

  3. Islam is the only religion which makes it a part of faith to believe that all nations were sent prophets and received Divine guidance.

    You have not commented on the conduct of Christians who massacred Muslims down the centuries.

    You talk about Muslims not respecting others in their own faith but the same applies to Christians. Have you forgotten the Spanish inquisition when Christians murdered their own compatriots.

    We, the Ahmadi-Muslims, do not condone the wrong things our brothers do. The Holy Prophet forgave others who abused and tortured him. If Muslims do not do so that is not the fault of Islam.

    As for learning about Islam unfortunately the Muslims themselves are not aware of the correct teachings of Islam and thus display the kind of behaviour you mention.

  4. To the two detractors above who posted after me.
    You seem to have overlooked one salient one of my post.

    Anybody who dares question ‘Islam’ in the world is instantly attacked by the followers of the worlds most peaceful religion as a religious bigot. Protests are two a penny and people die.

    Yet the same followers who demand respect for their own calling show no respect when it comes to other faiths. Hell they don’t even show respect to other branches of their own faith.

    As for that generic “learn more about Islam” Err I was born into an Islamic family, I’ve forgotten more about Islam than what most Muslims will ever learn.

  5. Pounce Most of this Sermon was based on the New Testament. No one can prove the present day Christian beliefs are based on the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said I have come to fulfil the law but Christians eat non-kosher meat and pig’s flesh. So it is Christians who disparage Jesus’ teaching.

    No one can prove from the New Testament that Jesus died on the Cross. Pilate did not believe it and the Jews of the time did not believe it!

    As for killing people for religion. Christians are masters at killing people. Remember Spain where Christians exterminated the whole Muslim population as thanks for letting the Christians live there peacefully and to practice and preach their religion. Remember, the Crusades when the Christians upon entering Jerusalem killed so many Muslims that horses were ankle deep in Muslim blood. Or shall I tell you of the people killed by god fearing Christians to establish themselves in Americas and Austalia and Africa and India. Or do you want a lesson in Opium Wars Christians waged against the Chinese Emperor who tried to stop the Christians from exporting opium to his country to make his people drug addicts.

    You cannot have forgotten WW I, WW II, the Suez crisis, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. All these murderous acts were purported by god-fearing Christians.

    And how about the Christians forcibly taking land from the Muslims to create Israel.

  6. Whats funny about the comment above is that Pounce you are seemingly unable to distinguish between what a Muslim does and Islam the faith says.

    If you read the posts on this blog you will see many many articles denouncing the murders and violence that occur IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (they are not done because Islam teaches it, because it doesn’t).

    If only people like you were educated on the matter. Oh look there’s that ‘E’ word again….

  7. So let me get this right the Islamic faith which is willing to murder anybody who disparages their faith (You know that false word ‘Islamophobia’) Has no problem disparaging Christians and their faith.
    Oh look there’s that ‘H’ word again.

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