[Video] Annual Family Day meeting

Sunday 3rd July 2011 was the UK Jamaat’s annual family day meeting. This is a chance for the younger members of the Jamaat to do a speech on any topic they choose. It is an exercise in helping the children get used to doing speeches to a large audience and this year as every year they faced the challenge head on and produced some wonderful speeches.

Zarah was the brave one to go first this year and she spoke about why she loves the Jamaat and how she loves coming to the mosque.

3 Comments [Video] Annual Family Day meeting

  1. mustaq ali

    May Allah reward the parents and the children for their contributions. We will like to see the children of our jamaat continue to participate in Sunday meetings. I also look forward to more members giving the Friday Kuthba.

  2. SA

    Its great to see parents making their children proud of being Ahmadis.

  3. Shahid

    It’s so wonderful to see such a young person say they get excited when they learn that they are coming to Dar us Salaam. This is the real spirit of the jamat and I feel proud that this is being fostered in our youngsters

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