[Video] Allah grants humans many bounties

Allah grants humans many bounties. These bounties consist of our environment, our own health and abilities and our relatives. But the Holy Quran tells us that man is in loss because he abuses these bounties. Some of this misuse by man can be seen all round us in pollution, for example or over-eating or using our abilities to harm humanity rather do good. Our parents are one of Allah’s bounties and we neglect and ignore them as well, especially when they are old. The Holy Quran speaks of the great deceiver who detracts us from our duty. People say that the great deceiver is the devil. This is true but the devil is our love for things of this world which makes us ignore Allah. It is excessive love of one relative over another, for example ignoring parents to please the wife. Once we are close to meeting our maker it is too late to then make amends so it is best not to fall into the great deceiver’s trap.

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