UK Mosques could be designed without minarets

John Bingham in The Telegraph:

Mosques in the UK could be designed without minarets to look like “quintessentially English” places of worship, the former Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi has suggested.
Lady Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in the Cabinet, is urging architects and designers to come up with a new model for Islamic places of prayer as part of a drive to develop an authentically “British” brand of Islam.
That could involve abandoning the distinctive towers from which the call to prayer is traditionally issued in an effort to blend in more closely with their surroundings, she said.

There are perhaps thousands of Mosques in the UK which are simple buildings, often just peoples houses or rented halls, which are used for Friday Prayers.

Many Islamic groups may aspire to have their own Mosques with minarets in a ‘classical’ design, but Baroness Warsi makes an interesting point. If in Islam the whole World can be a place of worship then why do we need to constrict ourselves with the designs of our Mosques?