What is the ‘jihad’ against Trump?

Linda Sarsour asked people to join a ‘jihad’ against the US President Trump. She started by saying that when the Holy Prophet (s) was asked what is the greatest jihad, he responded by saying “It is to speak the truth in front of an unjust ruler”.

However, the right wing extremists have started a campaign saying that she is asking for a violent uprising against Mr Trump. Sadly, most non-Ahmadi friends do believe that jihad is a violent struggle but in response, much to our delight, have adopted that interpretation of jihad by the Holy Prophet (s) and espoused by Ahmadis.

Cut Off Their Hands – Part One

In the video above, we look at verses 5:33 and 5:38 where the Holy Quran commands that hands should be cut for certain crimes. But the translations of these verses always state “cut off”, instead of just cut.

With this in mind we consider alternative interpretations of the meanings of the Arabic words used in these verses.

Enlightenment and Islam

In the video, embedded above, we look at verses 39:9 and 95:4, of the Holy Quran, to show that human beings were created to use their intellect and any nation which resorts to simple ‘taqlid’ (just following someone from the past) is going to intellectually degrade and fall behind others.

Misconceptions and Lies about Jinn

In this speech Dr Jawad Ahmad looks at how people have abused, lied and twisted the actual meaning, and understanding of Jinn to benefit themselves.

He recites from the Holy Quran and provides the proper meaning and context of the usage of Jinn as found in our holy book.

Spiritual Advancement by Doing Good Deeds

24:35 Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. A likeness of His light is as a pillar on which is a lamp — the lamp is in a glass, the glass is as it were a brightly shining star — lit from a blessed olive-tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof gives light, though fire touch it not — light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He pleases. And Allah sets forth parables for men, and Allah is Knower of all things

In this Khutba Brother Talha looks at Verse 35 from Chapter 24 of The Holy Quran and in this short verse of the holy Qur’an, Allah has mentioned the important role of divine revelation working for the moral and spiritual advancement of human beings. Allah by taking oath of fig, olive, Mount Sinai and Makkah has provided undeniable historical evidence to vindicate its truth.

Charity in Islam is a Religious and Social obligation

2:1 I, Allah, am the best Knower.
2:2 This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who keep their duty,
2:3 Who believe in the Unseen and keep up prayer and spend out of what We have given them

The most frequently recurring words for charity in the Qur’an are infaaq, which means spending benevolently; ihsaan, which means the doing of good; Zakaat, which means growth and purification and sadaqah, which is derived from the root sidq, meaning truth, and comes to signify a charitable deed. The very words to denote charitable deeds are an indication of the broadness of its conception.

Man is the Best of All Creatures

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
95:1 By the fig and the olive!
95:2 And mount Sinai!
95:3 And this city made secure!—
95:4 Certainly We created man in the best make.
95:5 Then We render him the lowest of the low,
95:6 Except those who believe and do good; so theirs is a reward never to be cut off.
95:7 So who can give the lie to thee after (this) about the Judgment?
95:8 Is not Allah the Best of the Judges?

In this Khutba Brother Talha recites Chapter 95 (Al Tin – The Fig) of the Holy Quran and then gives a detailed analysis of the Chapter.

Can a non-Islamic government or court decide who is a Muslim?

When, in the 1970s, Ahmadis approached the South Africa High Court seeking to protect their human rights and sought a declaration that they are Muslims, the Sunnis, after failing to have the case dismissed on technical legal reasons, withdrew from the case using the excuse that a non-Muslim court of government does not have the right to decide who is, and who is not, a Muslim.

To our great astonishment we now find Sunnis in the UK demanding that the British government declare Ahmadis to be non-Muslims. The reason is that in front of a Western audience they have to hide behind Lahore-Ahmadiyya beliefs and hide their own.

Please tell us Sunni friends what has changed that now allows a non-Muslim government to decide who is, and who is not, a Muslim?