Thousands Protest Clothing Ban

Anger at plans to ban Religious wear

In a move similar to that which was successful in France two years ago, a Quebec minister is attempting to have all religious clothing and symbols banned in public worker positions.

The proposed ban of headscarves, turbans and other religious garments is part of a proposed overhaul of the Canadian province’s “Charter of Values.”

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Montreal with chants of “no to the charter” and “Quebec is not France”

The Quebec minister in charge of the issue, Bernard Drainville, said recently that ridding the region of the public wearing of religious apparel by government workers would help provide a greater sense of unity among Quebecers.

“The best way to respect all Quebecers, the best way to respect all beliefs and all religious, is for the state to have no religion,” Drainville said.

That neutrality does not apply, however, to the crucifix that has adorned the main chamber of the National Assembly since 1936, which will stay up in deference to the province’s “cultural heritage,” he confirmed.

The minister seems oblivious to the double standards he is guilty of in attempting to justify leaving the large crucifix in place whilst trying to ban “all” religious clothes and jewellery in his region.

Rather than an act to promote freedom this seems to be another example of a Government attempting to legislate what people are allowed or not allowed to wear due to a fear of what they see as something which is ‘not normal’.

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