One thought on “The Perfect Creator

  1. All praise! Well if we analyze then we will have to say that there those other then Allah whome we praise too. Like e.g We praise Muhammed (pbuh) and all prophets and messengers; Our eleders; Our Parents; Wives; etc. Therefore if the word Al-Hamd is analized inlight of the specific adjective occuring right before the very word HAMD(PRAISE) then it will appear that the appropriate translation of AL-HAMD seems to be THE PRAISE. Lets see the application of the translation. THE PRAISE (KHAS TAREEF); AL-HAYEE (THE BESTOWER OF LIFE). Now this vertue is being applied on Allah only and we cannot setforth this Praise(Defination) for anyone other then Allah. There are as many as 99 or more attributes if we anaylyze they all belong to Him so as THE PRAISE. Neverthless, He has created mankind on His FITRAT and we mankind do carry a bit from His attribute but Allah is Unlimited in His attributes. And we are not only limited but transient as well.


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