The Overwhelming Event

Hazrat Ameer has been travelling around Suriname, with the help of members of the UK Jamaat, to propagate the message of Islam in the region. On his way back to Pakistan he stopped in the UK for a few days and on Friday 21st June delivered the Friday Khutba to a captivated audience at our Wembley Mosque.

Hazrat Ameer recites from Chapter 88, verses 17 to 21 known as Al-Ghashiyah, and referred to in English as ‘The Overwhelming Event’.

This Chapter has been translated in two different ways with Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad using the world ‘camel’ and Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali using the word ‘cloud’.

In the above video Hazrat Ameer gives a brief explanation of the use of the word ‘cloud’ and then goes on to further explain in detail the use of the word ‘camel’.

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