The normal life in Gitmo

Soldiers looking out to sea

Gitmo is the best posting a soldier can have. There’s lots of fun to be had here.”

Life for detainees might very well be hell at the Guantanamo Bay facility but it seems like life for the soldiers, posted there to run the facility, is full of home comforts and days out topping up their tans.

Photographer Debi Cornwall, who previously in her career was a civil rights lawyer, was given permission to go to Guantanamo in her capacity as a photographer for the Associated Press. But rather than take the usual photos of dull greyed hallways and shackles attached to walls of decaying prisons, she decided to show the other side of the facility.
A saluting Ronald McDonald
A bowling alley

From a brightly lit bowling alley to shops stacked full of all the soldiers favourite beers to that ‘great’ American Ronald McDonald looking down and saluting, the pictures show a side of the facility which most would never have believed.

Debi Cornwall hopes that these photos will remind American taxpayers that they’re funding a prison in violation of human rights.

You can see all the photos right here

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