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  • Shahid Aziz
    Posted on

    Shahid Aziz Shahid Aziz


    Assalamu alaikum
    You have misunderstood the argument. Only Allah is free of human needs. Humans need to eat, to excrete, they grow old and die. Allah is free of all these things. So if Jesus is still alive without eating etc and has not grown old it follows that he is not human and must be part of godhead. Muslims believe there is only one God so Jesus cannot be alive.

  • Magala Jafaari
    Posted on

    Magala Jafaari Magala Jafaari


    Assalaamu alaikum, I have a question, one time when i was reading about the ahmadi view of jesus,i remember reading a statement saying that if jesus is alive, he must be God.Is it the ahmadi belief that if he is alive, he must be God?, clarifie this please bacause it sounds too aquard!!!.

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