The Great Email Merry-go-Round

We often get chain emails from Muslims from around the world. They often fall into the category of silly.

Reading some of the replies which often come back we are astounded at how many people actually believe these chain mails.

We received one such email below which we decided needed a reply. reciting the following after fajar salat Allah(swt) orders 70,000 angels to write good deeds for the reciter until maghrib and after reciting again after maghrib Allah(swt) orders 70,000 angels to write good deeds until fajar.that’s 24hrs of thawaabs. subhanallah..please recite the following…aoozo billahis samee il aleemee minash shaytaanirajeem (3 times)..bismillah hirrahma nirrahim…and then last 3 aayats of surah hashar…28 paara…page 766 in 13 line Quran….Jummah Mubarak

Goodness and badness is not measured in a profit and loss account. So I’ve had 70,000 good deeds recorded I’ll now do 60,000 bad ones and still have a credit of 10,000!
There is no reference to where this is said. It seems to me that these verses keep in mind that we are all subject to temptation (aoozo billah) and we need Allah’s help and protection in not giving in to such temptation (bismillah). A life time of goods can be spoiled by one bad one because of its impact and vice versa. The Holy Prophet (s) saw a prostitute run across burning sand in bare feet to take water in her shoes and pour it down the throat of a dog dying of thirst. He said today all doors of heavens are opened for her and all doors of hell closed. People asked if he knew who she was and he said yes but because she is suffering pain to try and alleviate the pain of a creature of Allah!

I don’t think she recited those words quoted above.

There’s a similar misconception about Hajj that when I perform the Hajj all my sins will be forgiven. This is not what Hajj is about when the Holy Quran says prepare for Hajj people take it to mean save money. This is true but it also means start purifying ourselves.

In any case Ahmadis believe that supplication should be made DURING a ritual prayer not after. As the Promised Messiah said you go to see an official because you have a problem but don’t mention it during the meeting/interview, but once you have left his office you stand outside shouting at him to listen to your problem!

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