The Flame

Brother Mustaq looks at Chapter 111 of the Holy Quran (Al-Lahab), also know as ‘the Flame’ in English.

It narrates a story of a family whose hatred for the message of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was so intense that it was considered to be as though they were consumed by Flames. It also contains a prophecy about the ultimate end of people who even today still have hatred for Islam and the Holy Prophet. It gives insights into Islamophobia even at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Don’t like watching video? Then you can listen to the audio only version here.

One thought on “The Flame

  1. An excellent speech with nice details. It is especially nice to see something from the Quran which is so relevant to what is happening to Muslims right now, with the attacks against the religion from every angle…

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