The clocks go back in the UK

In the early hours of Sunday 25th October 2015 the clocks went back an hour as the UK reverted back to Greenwich Mean Time.

As The Guardian explains

…MP Robert Pearce who introduced a bill to the House of Commons in February 1908. The first daylight saving bill was drafted in 1909, presented to parliament several times and examined by a select committee. However, the idea was opposed by many, especially farmers, and the bill never made it into a law.

It was during the first world war that Germany became the first country to implement DST, on 30 April 1916, in order to save fuel for the war effort. Thereafter, other countries followed suit and the concept was adopted by Britain. DST was first used in the UK on 21 May 1916.

But why are we posting this information here on the Virtual Mosque blog? How does this affect us?

Well due to this change the Jum’ah (Friday) Prayers will start thirty minutes early at 12.30pm GMT. Therefore our live broadcasts will start airing from around 12.25pm on Fridays instead of 12.55pm so please do make a note of the change otherwise you could end up missing some or all of the Khutba and Prayers.

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