The Bible voted as most valuable to humanity

In a YouGov poll conducted for The Folio Society, 2044 British adults were asked to name the books of most signifance for the modern World.

The Holy Bible took the top spot with 37% of the vote followed by Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species..’ with 35%.

The Holy Quran placed in 8th spot with 9% of the total vote. It seems that the Holy Quran has risen to this spot due to the impact of global debate which is currently circulating around Islam according to Tom Walker, the editorial director of The Folio Society. He went on to comment

The first question I had was whether the similar figure for Darwin and the Bible does show a continuing polarisation between the realms of science and religion, or whether in fact it reveals a more balanced approach to ideas for the modern reader…They are the two ideas which have clashed in the 20th century – this shows, I think, that we can take understanding from both of them.

The inference from Mr Walker’s comments about the Holy Quran are that due to the violence seen committed in the name of Islam, our divine book has come to prominence in the minds of the British public.

Whether this is in a positive or negative light cannot be exposed by a poll like this, but the only real answer, given todays actions by ISIL, is that the overall feeling is one of negativity and perhaps even hatrid.

If you want to learn the truth of the teachings of the Holy Quran [1], and not just what people with a negative agenda [2] want to spew, then you can read the highly acclaimed English translation of the Holy Quran – 2010 revision by Maulana Muhammad Ali.

[1] in context.
[2] and often very little to no knowledge except having memorised a few verses of the Holy Quran with no context to the meaning.

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