Part One: General Zia says that it is OK to rape women

This is a three part khutba which looks at the hadood ordinance enacted by the military dictator Zia ul Haq to implement Islam, he claimed.

It’s affect is that man are now free to rape women because it is impossible for a woman to prove that she was raped. In Part one we present an alternative point of view for requiring four witnesses to the act.

Children of Zia


The Holy Quran tells human being to think. It repeatedly asks: Do they not reflect? And yet, in contradiction of this command of the Holy Quran in most Muslim countries people are required to follow blindly the latest state promoted nonsense.

From the very start children are told that they are not to ask questions. Anyone who does is accused of having become a Christian or a westerner.

Here is an article which laments this state of affairs in Pakistan.