The Forgotten Pillar

One of the Pillars of Islam is zakat or charity. Every year each adult is required to give 2.5% of his savings, including jewellery etc, to the poor in charity. This has been totally neglected by Muslims. It is sad that this Pillar which involves doing good to others by sacrificing our wealth to raise their level is totally neglected.

Is Fasting Enough?

Muslims generally feel that so long as they go hungry during Ramadan they have fulfilled Allah’s Command. But linked to fasting is Zakat or giving 2.5 percent of savings to the poor and needy. And yet some Muslims use all manner of tricks to avoid having to pay Zakat. Fasting is meant to make us feel the way those who don’t have money to buy food, feel. If we are not going to give Zakat so that hungry can buy food then our fasting is meaningless.