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The Niqab and burqa

Are Women Obliged To Cover Their Whole Bodies? A few days ago Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted, said that he supported the headteachers and principals who tried to ban Muslim students and teachers from wearing a niqab or a burqa to school. He went on to say that school inspectors should downgrade schools where students or teachers wear [...]


Do Muslim women need saving?

In recent years Abu-Lughod has struggled to reconcile the popular image of women victimized by Islam with the complex women she has known through her research in various communities in the Muslim world. Here, she renders that divide vivid by presenting detailed vignettes of the lives of ordinary Muslim women, and showing that the problem of [...]


Muslim Womens Council plans female led mosque

The Lahore Ahmadiyya UK branch has led the way in women taking a leading role mosques by having a woman give the Friday Khutba on more than one occasion. We have always stressed the importance of the role of women in society, not just as wives and mothers, but as leaders of the community. Now it seems that the Muslim Women’s Council [...]


Muslim women under attack

An accusation which is regularly aimed at Islam and Muslim men is that we treat women as second class citizens. Despite evidence from The Holy Quran itself which shows that women are equal to men, many groups and individuals attack Islam on this false stance. So in light of these accusations, one would assume that Muslim women are treated [...]