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Why has Allah banned gambling

Games of chance and intoxicants are banned in Islam, but why? Verses 2:129 and 5:90 and 91 are quoted to show that the Holy Quran gives a balanced view of the reasons for forbidding intoxicants and games of chance – both have some good but their harm is greater than the good they do. In the UK while Weatherspoons, a company that operates [...]


[Video] Why Ahmadiyyat is a necessity?

In a TV programme which a a law based drama shown on BBC a Muslim was questioned about what he does if his wife displeases him. He said he treats her in accordance with Islamic law. He was then asked if he meant that “he has a quiet word with her, then if that doesn’t work, withdraws his sexual favours and even if that does not [...]


Why Catholics could learn a lot from Islam

…”So in the Catholic tradition the idea of giving something up on a Friday – the act of self denial – has always been tied with being generous to those in need.” Ramadan, a whole month of fasting and giving to the poor, recently ended for Muslims. Is that something Christians could do more to emulate? “You’re [...]