Qadianis threatened with expulsion for attending wedding

The marriage of Anas Malik P V and Krisula T P today turned out to be a low-key affair with even their immediate family members being forced to keep away from the wedding reception.

The close relatives of Anas, who belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Kozhikode, stayed away after the head of Jama’at issued a diktat stating that they would be expelled from the community if they attend the function.

Mohammed Koya V (75), father of Anas, said his family is facing ostracism after the Ameer of Kozhikode Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat made an announcement last Friday calling for a boycott of the wedding reception. Continue reading

The Royal Wedding

Although the advertised speech was going to be about the importance of regularly visiting the Centre the topic was changed to The Royal Wedding because it was being televised today. We can learn from the punctuality and the organisation which was displayed in the conduct of the marriage of William and Kate.

Royal wedding day protest plans


Extremists Muslims are reported to have threatened to disrupt or ruin the Royal wedding taking place this week. This is a sad reflection on the scholarship of our brothers because such threats could only have been made by anyone who is ignorant of Islamic teaching. The Holy Quran, the hadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet) and Islamic history all belie such behaviour.
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