Site updates: Podcasts coming soon

Due to demand from our users, we will now be making the weekly videos available in audio files, which can either be streamed right from our website or can be downloaded so that people can listen to them on MP3 players. We will be starting with the speeches from the 19th May 2011.


A criticism of the Promised Messiah is that he said that Allah had used the word nabi for him. In this verse of the Holy Quran it is said that non-prophets received naba (news). A person who receives naba may be called a nabi in a literal sense but he is not a nabi as … Continue reading Naba

How to make donations

We have received many requests from people asking how they can donate to our charity. We have decided that the simplest thing was to add a direct link to the Charities Aid Foundation. The permanent link can be found on the 'About Us' page. The link is also below; Donate here


Associating someone with Allah does not just mean worshiping idols made of stone. If we unquestioningly obey a person or any authority that also amounts to shirk. Islam frees us from blind obedience and wants us to do what is right.