The Consequences of Teaching Violence



There are reports that some Muslims have left Islam upon being taught that Islam teaches violence. This is similar to what was happening in India when Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad put forward his claim to being the Messiah.

Christians Forget Their History of Violence

Arising from a discussion about whether Muslim Family Law should be incorporated in the British Family Law, on various forums some Christians started attacking the proposal by saying that Sharia is taking over and a takeover by a violent religion like Islam can be prevented. In this brief lecture we show that in one War, that is WW II, Christians killed more people than all the other religions put together over the centuries.



Does The Holy Quran Advocate Violence

Rob Wallace and Lauren Effron from abc news;

While some fundamentalist Muslims may declare they follow Muhammad’s instructions to “fight the infidels,” moderate scholars argue the infidels he was referring to have been dead for 1,300 years.


“‘Infidel’ in the Koran is not just a noun or an adjective, it is the word that the Koran uses to describe explicitly and exclusively the Meccan aristocracy with which the Muslim community was at war with,” explained Dr. Reza Aslan, a Muslim scholar and author of several books on the Middle East.


Father Dan Madigan also pointed out the key passage that follows the “fight the infidels” line that many radical Islamists often ignore or don’t know it exists.


“The verse immediately after it says, ‘If any of the unbelievers asks you for sanctuary, then take them into your houses so that they might hear the word of God and then let them go on their way,'” he said.

ABC News took questions from viewers and posed them to a group of Muslim and non-Muslim scholars of the Holy Quran. The above extract was in relation to the question of whether the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) demanded thatĀ infidels be killed.

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The dark side of Buddhism

The core principle of peace seems to be fading

Since 2012, the BBS has embraced direct action, following the example of other like-minded groups. It raided Muslim-owned slaughter-houses claiming, incorrectly, that they were breaking the law. Members demonstrated outside a law college alleging, again incorrectly, that exam results were being distorted in favour of Muslims.

Now that a Tamil adversary has been defeated, Muslims seem to be these nationalists’ main target, along with evangelical Christians whom they accuse of deceitfully and cunningly converting people away from Buddhism.

We have spoken here on the VirtualMosque before about the myth that all Buddhists are peaceful people. From the atrocities committed in places like China and Burma it is clear that there are many who quickly turn to extreme violence if they are unhappy.