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verse 83

Faithful to the trust placed in us

The Holy Quran talks many times about being faithful to Allah and the Holy Prophet (s). Chapter 8 verse 27 and Chapter 23 verses 8 to 11 speak of believers being faithful to Allah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and to the trusts placed in us. In this khutba we look at what it means to being faithful to the trusts placed in us.


The Truth of Religion

On Friday 28th June 2013, on his last full day in the UK, Hazrat Ameer, the Global Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, took to the podium to give the Friday Khutba. He chose to read from Chapter 20, verses one to eight of The Holy Quran. He cited these verse as an example of the truth of religion and the evidence of the existence [...]


[Podcast] Love for The Holy Prophet

[audio:] Muslims in some countries make a great show of their affection for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) by celebrating his birthday with great pomp and ceremony. It seems contradictory to the life style of the Holy Prophet (s) which was simple and free of all show. Surely, [...]