Who came by night and why?

In this khutba we will be looking at Chapter 86 of The Holy Quran, verses one to three.

Allah seeks of a person who comes by night. Who is this person and what is the point of his coming? These are are the questions we try and answer by looking at these verses.

Burn Ferguson Burn

This is a new approach to Islamic teaching which traditionally suggests that the Holy Quran is for Muslims only

This radical departure from this approach suggests that everyone can benefit from the guidance of the Holy Quran if they look at its teachings as being aimed at humanity regardless of people’s beliefs. We look at one verse of the Holy Quran which is relevant to the treatment of African Americans by the white people.

If you are not able to watch the video, then you can listen to the podcast below;

Al-Shams – The Sun

Danyaal Omar recites the whole of Chapter 91 of The Holy Quran which is called Al-Sham, and known in english as ‘The Sun’.

He then gives the english translation and follows up with an explanation of the meaning of Al-Shams.

Sura Al-Fil – The Elephant

Another of our younger members, Erzish Omar from Pakistan, recites Chapter 105, Verses one to five, Sura Al-Fil and known in english as ‘The Elephant’.

She then gives the english translation together with a explanation of the verses.