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Turmoils of Syria

Every dictator knows that, when he starts making concessions, he is at his most vulnerable. It is an exquisite torture for the regime in power. Each gesture, each freeing of political prisoners, each concession – and the crowds demand more. Yesterday, it was President Bashar al-Assad who was under torture. Had he not lifted the state of [...]


Turmoil Continues

In an earlier khutba I had pointed out how ignoring principles of the Holy Quran leads to turmoil. This applies regardless of religion, colour, cast or creed. In this khutba we look at the verse of the Holy Quran which says that Muslims should be firm as steel against their opponents but kind and compassionate amongst themselves. But what [...]


Turmoil of the Muslim Nations

The turmoil in many Muslim majority countries is the result of the leaders of these countries ignoring the fundamental rules of conduct given in the Holy Quran. Islam requires Muslims to treat everyone fairly, justly and compassionately. When these basic rules of the Holy Quran are ignored the result is turmoil but the lessons of such behaviour [...]