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The Truth Triumph

The Promised Messiah said that as time goes on people will accept his interpretation of Islam, regardless of whether they accept him as the Messiah and Mehdi or not. In the last few weeks we have seen that the most orthodox Sunni leaders, religious and secular, have accepted the Ahmadi interpretations in two areas. The first is divorce. The [...]


The Truth of Religion

On Friday 28th June 2013, on his last full day in the UK, Hazrat Ameer, the Global Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, took to the podium to give the Friday Khutba. He chose to read from Chapter 20, verses one to eight of The Holy Quran. He cited these verse as an example of the truth of religion and the evidence of the existence [...]


[Video] Facing the Truth

Recently a number of Muslims were sent to prison for grooming white young girls as prostitutes by making them addicted to drugs. The larger community asked the question whether Muslims themselves should not attempt to put their house in order before preaching to others. The Holy Quran tells us that Muslims were raised to enjoin good and to [...]