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The True Claim

It is universally agreed that until 1901 Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claim was that of a mujaddid, despite use of the titles Promised Messiah and Mahdi. Some claim that in 1901 he changed his claim to that of a prophet. We use a quotation from one of his major works produced in 1908 to show that he always claimed to be a mujaddid and [...]


[Video] Signs of True Faith

Every nation claims to love God but what we want to know is whether Allah loves them. If Allah loves a people he cleanses their hearts of all doubt and becomes close enough to them to speak to them. He tells such men that He is present and they have found him. So by displaying His love for such people He shows that they are following the right [...]


Lahori Ahmadis’ promoting true Islam to West

It is easy to mock and to ridicule. This does not require any effort and does nothing for the propagation of Islam. Our opponents have mocked and ridiculed us, like court jesters but what have they done to promote the image of Islam in the West or, indeed, anywhere in the world? The picture below seems to sum it up. In his recent book the [...]