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The Man with Two Gardens

The trial of wealth is very real, with many examples of how wealth can lead to pride and arrogance evident in our societies today. It is detailed in Chapter 18 of the Holy Quran, and in this khutba, we look at how the parable in these verses relates to us today, and what we can learn from it.


Trials of being labelled an Ahmadi and a blasphemer

In 2004, Irshad – who had accepted the Ahmadi faith a few years back – was taken to a local cleric in his village in central Punjab by his father. Irshad’s father wanted him to revert back to Islam. The cleric tried to persuade him but to no avail. On Irshad’s refusal, the cleric then nominated him in a case under section 295-C of [...]


A time of trials

In the video below we disuss an extract from the speech by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad we show that at the time of his appearance Muslims were at a low ebb in every sphere of life and a Messiah was required to defend Islam and instil faith in the hearts of Muslims about their own religion.