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Sunni Tolerance?

THE killing of three followers of the Ahmadiyah faith by a frenzied group of Islamists this week has left Indonesia reflecting on how closely it lives up to its national credo ”unity in diversity


The Lies of so called Sunni Tolerance

The Sunnis in the West scream and shout about how they will be tolerant AFTER an Islamic state is established in these countries, but can they be trusted? Here is an example of their so called tolerance from the Jakarta Globe; Governor Wants Lombok Tolerant, but Ahmadiyah-Free Now the Sunnis will say that it is only the Ahmadiyyah movements [...]


Sunni “tolerance” on show once again

And so much for the much publicised, so called, “tolerance” of the Sunnis about which we hear so much! Their definition appears to be that they should be allowed to do whatever they want to whomsoever and whatever they do is tolerant. Police in Pakistan have forced a family of the Ahmadi sect to exhume the body of a relative because it [...]