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Time shifts – The UK is on British Summer Time

It’s that time again In the early hours of Sunday 27th March 2016 the clocks went forward an hour as the UK converted to ‘British Summer Time’. This means that the evening will have more daylight, and the mornings less. This change is done in part due to a European directive that all European countries must implement a common [...]


A time of trials

In the video below we disuss an extract from the speech by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad we show that at the time of his appearance Muslims were at a low ebb in every sphere of life and a Messiah was required to defend Islam and instil faith in the hearts of Muslims about their own religion.


Importance of time keeping

The Holy Quran tells Muslims that times of the five daily prayers are fixed and that Muslim must pray at the fixed time. The guidance in the Holy Quran is meant to allow us to practice what it teaches. Praying at the correct time is meant to develop in us respect for time because once lost, it does not return. Yet, though we pray at the correct [...]