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Countering extremism

The Home Office minister for countering extremism attend a meeting this week to see what steps the Woking Borough Council has taken to counter extremism. Our President was invited to this meeting and in the video above we take a brief look at what happened.


Extremism greater threat than terrorism

In February 2012, a leading Pakistani research institute published a report stating that the problem of religious extremism in Pakistan poses a greater threat to the country than does terrorism and examining a series of extremist incidents from September 2010 to September 2011. The 54-page report, titled “Extremism Watch: Mapping Conflict [...]


[Video] Islam and Terrorism

The world seems to have double standards; those which apply to Muslims and those which apply to the rest. If US drone attacks kill the innocent in Pakistan it is collateral damage but if a Muslim bomb kills innocent people it is terrorism. Can someone explain to us why? It is the hypocrisy of this approach that angers Muslims. All they ask [...]