Pakistan Supreme Court Blocks Execution Of Schizophrenic Murder Convict

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Monday blocked the execution of a paranoid schizophrenic murder convict pending a review of an earlier ruling that his condition was not a permanent mental disorder and therefore not legally relevant, his lawyers said.


He was due to be executed Wednesday, according to execution orders issued last week.


But the Supreme Court agreed to review an October 21 ruling on Ali’s final appeal, when the court ruled that schizophrenia did not fall within Pakistan’s legal definition of mental disorders.

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The Perfect Creator

The Supreme Deity worshiped in all religions other than Islam has some defect or other.

It is only Allah, our Lord, who is free of defect and consists of all possible virtues that we can imagine.

Asma targeted in Ahmedi hate campaign

One of the leading candidates in the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) elections is being targeted by a hate campaign that calls her an Ahmedi, pro-American and pro-Indian.

Sunni Mullahs are up to their dirty tricks again. Whenever these “gentlemen” are confronted by someone they do not like their usual trick is to dub them an Ahmadi or use the Blasphemy Laws. How great was our Holy Prophet (S), who 1500 years ago, foresaw this and called these mullahs the worse of creation. We are happy that the Mullah’s dirty tricks are establishing the truth of our beloved prophet.

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