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Time shifts – The UK is on British Summer Time

It’s that time again In the early hours of Sunday 27th March 2016 the clocks went forward an hour as the UK converted to ‘British Summer Time’. This means that the evening will have more daylight, and the mornings less. This change is done in part due to a European directive that all European countries must implement a common [...]


Ask the VM: Fixing the length of fasting during Summer

Question This year Ramadan falls during June, which makes the length of the fasting day in the Northern Hemisphere very long. Even in the UK, in the northern areas, duration of the fast is over 19 hours. Is there any ruling in the Holy Quran or the hadith or by jurists to say that the length of the daily fast may be reduced? Answer There is [...]


How to eat during Ramadan

We are at the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, and once again for many people around the World it falls during a time of extreme heat, and the long Summer hours. During this time it is extremely important to take good care of your diet to make sure that you are able to maintain energy and hydration throughout the day. Nour El-Zidbeh [...]