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In the Whirlwind of Jihad

While most of the social science literature about jihad focuses on jihad bil saif — when believers engage in an armed struggle in defence of Islam – the Quran terms this “a lesser jihad,” as it is the product of the circumstances in which a believer finds himself. But every Muslim believer must engage in jihad al-nafs, ‘the [...]


The struggle of religious minorities in Indonesia

…But the Ahmadis are not alone in their struggle to practice their faith in Indonesia. Last week, a group of about 300 people from a variety of religious backgrounds staged a rally at Indonesia’s parliament, demanding that their rights as citizens to freely worship, a right enshrined in the constitution, be respected. Muslims complain [...]


Struggle Against the Worldly Desires

In verse 26 of chapter 38 Of The Holy Quran, King David is warned not to follow his worldly desires as they will lead him away from Allah. This applies to all of us. One desire is for ease and comforts of this world but the struggle for comforts of this world leads one away from Allah. We have to get up early to pray and lose the comfort of [...]