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The Female Sharia Judges of India

From her home in the Indian city of Bhopal, Safia Akhtar listens in on her neighbors’ most intimate dramas.   As often as three times a week, women pass through her door to complain of deceitful husbands, evil in-laws, abandonment, and abuse. Akhtar, a grandmother, hears from both sides of each dispute before dispensing justice, according [...]


British Law & Sharia

There is a lot of fuss in the West about implementation of what they call ‘Sharia Law’. Generally, people fail to realise that many principles of Sharia have already been incorporated in the British law and others are being incorporated for the benefit of the general public. Law of Tort is one example of this. We look at the Islamic [...]


84pc of Pakistani Muslims want Sharia

The latest US-based PEW Research Center survey, released 11 days before Pakistan goes for elections, shows that 84% of Pakistani Muslims favour Islamic sharia as their official law. While none of the leading political parties with the only exception of Imran Khan’s PTI promises to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, the 30th April Pew [...]