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A Day of Shame for Muslims

The 7th of September is the day on which members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement were declared as heretics by the National Assembly of Pakistan. This is a day of shame for all Muslims because they failed to rise up to protect Ahmadis and their places of worship. Not just that but they applauded this shameful decision and joined in with Sunni [...]


Indonesia’s Ahmadi Shame

The rising tide of religious intolerance continues unchecked in the great ‘secular democracy’ of Indonesia. Diani Budiarto, the Mayor of Bogor, only sixty kilometres from Jakarta, thumbs his nose at the government, the Constitution, the Supreme Court and the essence of Pancasila itself by continuing to victimise members of the Taman Yasmin [...]


[Video] A Day of Shame

A day of Shame: 7th September 1974 is celebrated in Pakistan as a great day – a day of great achievement. And what was that achievement? It was on this day that the National Assembly of Pakistan whose building was surrounded by the a mob which threatened to burn it down if Ahmadis were not declared non-Muslims, caved in. It decided that [...]