Welcome to Canada

http://youtu.be/wd1IU_6rXNk Whilst European contries have been closing their borders to desperate Syrian refugees, Canada has welcomed them with a song sung by children. This should be familiar to Muslims as when the Holy Prophet (saw) became a refugee himself due to persecution, the City to which he headed welcomed him with children singing a song … Continue reading Welcome to Canada

US Government launches crowdfunding campaign to help Syrians

Salon is reporting- The U.S. launched a campaign this week on Kickstarter — a crowdfunding website on which people around the world can donate to fund proposed projects — to help provide aid to Syrian refugees. All proceeds will go to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the leading international body on refugees. It … Continue reading US Government launches crowdfunding campaign to help Syrians

Poland rejects Muslim Refugees

The Independent is reporting; Thousands of protesters have gathered in several Polish cities, as right-wing groups rallied against plans to resettle refugees in Europe while counter-protesters marched in solidarity with those seeking safety. Around 10,000 right-wing protesters clutching the national flag assembled on the streets in the capital of Warsaw on Saturday, and chanted slogans … Continue reading Poland rejects Muslim Refugees