Welcome to Canada

Whilst European contries have been closing their borders to desperate Syrian refugees, Canada has welcomed them with a song sung by children.

This should be familiar to Muslims as when the Holy Prophet (saw) became a refugee himself due to persecution, the City to which he headed welcomed him with children singing a song for him.

US Government launches crowdfunding campaign to help Syrians

Salon is reporting-

The U.S. launched a campaign this week on Kickstarter — a crowdfunding website on which people around the world can donate to fund proposed projects — to help provide aid to Syrian refugees. All proceeds will go to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the leading international body on refugees.

It is staggering that a country that spends around $600 billion on its military would think it appropriate to launch a Kickstarter campaign to ask ordinary citizens to raise aid for the millions of Syrians who have been displaced as a direct result of US decisions in the region. 

Having spent over $3 billion to bomb Syria in a year, you would think they could spend some of the federal budget to help those innocent civilians who have been left with nothing as a result, but as this abhorrent fund raising campaign shows, the US Government has its priorities all wrong. 

Poland rejects Muslim Refugees

The Independent is reporting;

Thousands of protesters have gathered in several Polish cities, as right-wing groups rallied against plans to resettle refugees in Europe while counter-protesters marched in solidarity with those seeking safety.

Around 10,000 right-wing protesters clutching the national flag assembled on the streets in the capital of Warsaw on Saturday, and chanted slogans including “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!“ and ”Poland, free of Islam!“.

Whilst the Polish Government has said it will only accept two thousand refugees over the next two years it has already allowed a private group to bring in 60 Christian families with the Prime Minister saying

Christians, subject to barbaric oppression in Syria, deserve today for a Christian country like Poland to react quickly and come to their aid.

This Christian only policy follows in the footsteps of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia whose Governments have annoumced a Christian only policy of settling refugees.

But as the NYTimes points out;

In the 1980s, during the period of Solidarity’s struggle against a Communist military dictatorship, over a million people escaped Poland, and were received and accepted in the West. And it wasn’t only the West that helped: During World War II, Iran took in over 100,000 Polish refugees fleeing the Soviet Union.

It seems that Poland has forgotten how in its time of need a Muslim nation was there to help, perhaps reflecting on this would help the Polish Government in accepting more than just two thousand refugees in the next two years. One can hope but in this age of rampant Islamophobia I highly doubt it.