The Truth Triumph

The Promised Messiah said that as time goes on people will accept his interpretation of Islam, regardless of whether they accept him as the Messiah and Mehdi or not.

In the last few weeks we have seen that the most orthodox Sunni leaders, religious and secular, have accepted the Ahmadi interpretations in two areas.

The first is divorce. The traditional Sunni view has been that a man was entitled to pronounce the word divorce thrice and he would be divorced, even if the wife was not aware of it. The Council for Islamic ideology in Pakistan announced in the last few weeks that it has recommended to the Pakistan government to make this practice unlawful and punishable. It is worth mentioning that first family law reform implemented by the Pakistan government in 1962 was drafted by Mr Nasir Ahmad Farqui, a prominent member of this jamaat.

The second reform is related to rape-law. Last year the religious court threw out a case involving rape where the evidence was on DNA and not eye witness testimony of four people. A khutba was delivered from our UK mosque which criticised this decision and showed that DNA evidence is admissible. The Pakistan parliament has now passed a law enabling DNA evidence to be used to prove rape.

These incident prove the truth of what Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said and quoted above.

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Rape of children on increase in Pakistan

For generations, rape was a taboo subject in this conservative Muslim society. As recently as a decade ago, the news about the 14- and 16-year-old sisters (who were raped and shot dead) might never have traveled beyond this rural area, where rice fields stretch for miles and workers shape bricks from the spongy soil.

But thanks to a freer media and a push by child-welfare advocates to get families to report such crimes, the number of cases under investigation is rising, as is the outrage of parents, the public and advocacy groups.

“People are now reporting things, and people are now seeing children are suffering heinous, horrible crimes,” said Narjis Zaidi, a human rights advocate in Islamabad.

We told you so seems an inadequate response to the following news item which shows how rape of minors, both girls and boys, is increasing in Pakistan. When the brutal dictator General Zia enacted his so called Sharia Laws, we spoke out against them. We said that those laws were not Sharia and the way they were legislated and going to be implemented will give a licence to Pakistani men to rape. Sadly, our words proved true.

We again draw attention to three khutbas given at our mosque in London where we put the correct interpretation of Islamic law to the public and requested amendments to Pakistani law.

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Part One: General Zia says that it is OK to rape women

This is a three part khutba which looks at the hadood ordinance enacted by the military dictator Zia ul Haq to implement Islam, he claimed.

It’s affect is that man are now free to rape women because it is impossible for a woman to prove that she was raped. In Part one we present an alternative point of view for requiring four witnesses to the act.