The Qadiani Deceipt

For long Qadianis have used an issue of the Paigham i Sulah from 1913 to try and convince people that Lahori-Ahmadis initially believed that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet. It is true that a 1913 issue of the Paigham refers to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a nabi (prophet)! But the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam was not created until 1914. So, how can we be responsible for a paper publishing something when we did not exist.



Biggest Charity Fraud in Panama Papers

An article by Akber Choudry on Medium;

Money flows as charitable donations from ‘have’ countries like U.S.,. Canada, Pakistan, Germany and U.K. into AMJ International from where it is distributed into dubious projects around the world. The accounting in each country is kept up to date, but money gets lost in international transactions.


The actual work of the organization is carried out through just one charity?—?Al-Shirkatul-Islamiyyah, and curiously, its income and expenses almost balance every year.


Since Mirza Masroor Ahmad came to power, he has focused on investing in properties and totally unrelated to the goals of the organization. We see from the Panama Papers that the businesses are involved mostly in property investment.

The dubious accounting practises of the Qadiani Movement laid bare.

Qadianis’ once again turn to our beliefs to save themselves

The video above is a Youtube video, in Urdu, of a question-answer session taken by the late Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib, the previous khalifa of the Qadian jamaat. In the extract, he answers the question: Why do non-Ahmadi Muslims not consider Ahmadis (i.e. Qadiani jamaat) to be Muslims.

The answer by Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib is in two parts. In the first, he says that the Qadianis have the same beliefs as Sunnis. He says that both of them believe that a prophet shall appear after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). They only disagree about who that prophet is, or will be.

Firstly this demonstrates that the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement is the only Islamic movement in the world which believes that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is absolutely The Last Prophet, after whom no prophet, old or new, shall appear.

In the second part, Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib, then goes on to say that, for 12 years, the Promised Messiah patiently tried to explain his claim to Sunnis without calling them kafirs. He was patient to the extent that, a close relative of his who was an Ahmadi, appointed Maulvi Sana ullah, a vociferous opponent of the jamaat, as a teacher and imam for his family. After 12 years, the Promised Messiah pointed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)’s Command, where the Prophet (s) said that if one reciter of the kalima calls another reciter of the kalima a kafir then the caller himself, becomes a kafir. He said that although he still did not call anyone kafir but by calling him a kafir, his opponents bring themselves under this Command of the Prophet (s).

But this is not the Qadiani stand. This is the stand of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. The Qadiani stand is given in the book “The Truth of the Split” by Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the Qadianis first khalifa. It says that even those Muslims who has not even heard the name of the Promised Messiah are kafirs. Mirza Tahir Ahmad did not mention this!

So how do the Qadianis’ deal with the issue of the writing in this book? At another question-answer session, we provided a Qadiani with photocopies of the relevant pages from this book and requested that he ask if Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib was saying about kafir is correct then what did these pages of The Truth About the Split mean. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was left speechless, became angry and admonished that person for speaking to members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement! This is how they deal with people who ask them questions about the writings of the people they believe were appointed by Allah to lead the Muslims.

Asad Shah’s murder

Asad Shah was a shopkeeper living in Glasgow, he was fatally stabbed on the night before Good Friday, the initial assumption was that this was a race hate crime and now the equally incorrect story is that he was murdered for being a member of the minority Qadiani sect.

In fact Asad Shah was a claimant to prophethood and the Qadiani jamaat had disowned him. The reason was that if their is a new prophet around, and the Qadianis believe prophets can continue to come, then the, so called, Qadiani khalifa of the prophet, is subservient to the prophet and therefore becomes irrelevant.

However, after Asad Shah’s murder he suddenly became their member. Why? Obviously, to gain publicity and for no other reason. We have received an email from a person in Glasgow asking the Qadiani officials to stop shedding crocodile tears about the death of this innocent person and we urge the Qadiani PR machine to stop using his death for publicity and propagation of their movement.

Fire Breaks Out At Qadiani Mosque

Update: Two teenage boys have been arrested on suspicion of arson.

Firefighters are tackling a large blaze at the Baitul Futuh mosque in Morden, south London.

London Fire Brigade have said the blaze hit admin buildings and that the “mosque itself is thankfully unaffected”.

One person was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.  

The Qadiani community and the Lahore-Ahmadiyyah Muslims have been subjected to violence in Pakistan for many years now and isolated acts of aggression here in the UK. 

At this point it is unknown whether the fire was an act of arson or an accident.

Khalifa of Islam

The word khalifa is an Arabic word meaning successor. That is why Hazrat Abu Bakr (r) was called khalifa because he succeeded the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When he passed on and Hazrat Umar (r) became the head of Muslim state, a new title had to be found for him and the term ‘Amir ul Maumineen” was coined.

Earlier Kalifa’s of the Qadiani jamaat called themselves “khalifa tul Massih” or successors of the Promised Messiah. More recently however they have started calling themselves Khalifa tul Islam – meaning head of the Muslim community. This is laughable because only a tiny percentage of Muslims are members of their jamaat. But it is also sinister in that it implies that only those who are members of their jamaat are Muslims. Earlier Qadianis used to openly say that those not in their jamaat are heretics. They have now abandoned that but are now using more subtle methods to call others heretics.

Qadianis’ banned from Eid Prayers

Just a day before Eidul Fitr, the streets leading to Aiwan-e-Tawheed— the central place of worship of Ahmadis residing in Rawalpindi — in Satellite Town was once again filled with banners cautioning residents about ‘unconstitutional activities’ of members of the area’s Ahmadiyya community.

The banners were placed following an attempt by the worship place’s administration to get permission from the city administration for offering Eid prayers at their worship centre, which has been closed for two years.

Even though the city administration denied permission on the pretext of the move fomenting a ‘law and order situation’, it provided a local trader’s action committee — affiliated with the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz — with an opportunity to launch a fresh wave of hatred against the community.

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The 1974 NA proceedings on the Ahmadi

While the deep state is recognised and rightly so for its nefarious role in keeping the general will of the people subservient to the vested interests of those who hold the strings, it must also be stated that some of our worst decisions have had nothing to do with the deep state. Consider the role of Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) in 1974 when it declared Ahmadis to be out of the fold of Islam, which has since created sectarian monsters in Pakistan of which there seems to be no solution any more.

The above article gives a brief insight into the shameful legal proceedings in 1974 which ended with the Ahmadiyya being declared as ‘out of the fold of Islam’.

Click on the article above to read the full text.

The Deception of the Qadiani Movement

The Qadiani leadership is always telling people that the Ahmadi or the Lahori-Ahmadi jamaat is extinct and they should not worry about it. Apart from this not being true in that we are obviously are not extinct but a thorn in their wrong beliefs we want to ask them if we are extinct why do they need to keep attacking our web-sites and other internet media.

Some years ago they attacked our on-line bookshop and redirected it to theirs. They then attacked the web-site ISSUU where we upload our printed material. And most recently they have attack our twitter account twice in as many weeks. We foiled all their attacks but if we are extinct why are they so afraid of us. Will the Qadiani khalifa reply?


More Qadiani Lies Exposed Again

Ever since the Qadiani and Ahmadi jamaats were declared as non-muslims by the Pakistani parliament the Qadianis have been saying that the reason for keeping the proceedings of the session secret was that if their khalifa’s statement to the Pakistani parliament becomes public knowledge half of Pakistan will join their jamaat.

Here we show how the Qadianis were humiliated because their khalifa back tracked on their well known beliefs and tried to hide them, in the same as his predecessor, Mian Mahmud Ahmad sahib, had before the Munir Enquiry Committee.


[Urdu] Founder of Qadiani Jamaat lied?

The founder of the Qadiani jamaat and his followers have always used abusive language about Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali and the majority of the Anjuman created by the Promised Messiah because the majority did not agree with him.

In this video an ex-member of the Qadiani jamaat shows from Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s books printed by the Qadiani jamaat themselves that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Hazrat Maulana Nur ud Din held Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali and his compatriots in high regard.