Noah’s Flood

In the last fifty years there has been a lot of discussion about Noah’s Ark and where it rested as well as whether the flood covered the whole world. Here the Promised Messiah gives his own comments about the extent of flooding and questions the Biblical account using the same arguments as are used now. If Allah didn’t give him this knowledge where did he get it from?

A Blood thirsty Mahdi

The Promised Messiah in one of his discourses (Malfuzat, vol 2, page 330) speaks about the concept of the coming of a blood shedding Mahdi and whether such a concept is in line with Islamic teachings.

Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?

This is a summary of the discussion between The Promised Messiah and a Professor of Astronomy from Australia about the existence of life elsewhere in the Universe.


Acceptance of the Holy Prophets Prayers

During an early morning walk the Promised Messiah explained to his companions the magnificence of the spiritual powers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

One sign of which was the abundance with which his prayers were accepted and another was the moral transformation wrought in the Arab people.